Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

woman measure breast sizeHaving big breasts is of course a very important advantage for a lot of women, but because of the possible side effects, women are now looking for how to get bigger breasts without surgery. A woman’s breast is something that separates her from men. For a lot of women (and men too), women’s breasts are a source of beauty.

So with bigger breasts, women can feel more confident and happy with themselves. Unfortunately, not all women are created equal (at least in breast size). Some have big, well shaped breasts while others have big but sagging breasts, and others still have small breasts, often called a flat chest.

So it is just natural that a lot of women, wanting to look and feel beautiful would search for possible solutions to their “breast problems”. One of the most common methods these days is having surgery. But surgery complications can be very serious, even fatal. One can have infection; only, pain would be a major side effect, and recovery period may take a long time.

Also in being under anesthesia, even if it’s just a topical one, there is always the risk of an allergic reaction. And getting under general anesthesia could be very dangerous because it depresses brain functions, and if it’s not done the right way, then it might be fatal. These are just some examples of possible complications of surgery.

How to Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

One way to get bigger boobs naturally is to do workouts to improve your pectoral muscles. People are aware that women’s breasts are actually made of adipose tissues, or fats. That’s why they are soft to the touch. But behind these adipose tissues are actually muscles which are the pectorals. When muscles are exercised, they grow bigger.

That’s why women wanting to have bigger breast are told to do some exercises enhancing the pectoral muscles, which in turn makes the breasts look larger. There are a lot of easy exercises for the pectorals like push ups, standing butterflies, flat bench butterflies, and a lot others.

– Another way to help you make your breasts bigger without surgery is through massage. It is said that massaging the breasts helps the skin tissue to grow; also, massaging will help to increase the blood flow to the breasts.

– Using creams is also another way to induce breast enhancement without surgery. Breast creams can be used in combination with massage. There are a lot of natural breast enhancing creams sold in the market today. I recommend Naturaful or Brestrogen but it is up to you to choose the product that you need. Remember that not all products will show results. You will probably go through a few trail and errors before finding one that works for you.

– Choose a good bra style. Some bras actually help make the breasts appear larger and fuller than they are. One kind is the push up bra. As the name suggests, this type of a bra will push your breasts up, making them look fuller and firmer. Most of these push up bras has an underwire support that keeps the breasts and the bra in place and prevents the bra from shifting as you perform your daily activities.

Another type of bra that can help make you look like you have larger breasts is the padded bra. The padded bra has padding on the bra cups giving a fuller, firmer and larger look to your breasts. There are also great types of bras that actually offer a combination of push up bras and padded bras. For those women looking for a quick fix to their small breast problems, this is one quick and easy solution.

– Some women who seek breast augmentation have very small breasts because they are quite thin. Again, you must remember that breasts are mostly made up of adipose tissues or fats. If you are a thin woman and wondering how to get bigger breasts without surgery, then one way to help you make them bigger is to gain a little weight.

The best body type is one that is not too fat, but also not too thin. So when you’re a thin woman and you gain weight, the body fills up a bit. When this happens, your breasts will fill up too, and you’ll have bigger and fuller breasts.

– There are also a lot of pills sold in the market today that claim to have different natural herbs and ingredients that promote larger breasts. Again you can try these pills, but remember you take them internally so make sure you talk with your physician about them first before taking any breast enlargement pills.

All of these things can also be used for a breast lift without surgery. A breast lift is a procedure that helps women fix a sagging breast. Breasts sag sometimes because of gravity and aging process, but also sometimes because of pregnancy.

The pectoral exercises are particularly good when aiming for breast lift without surgery because it makes your breasts firmer, reducing the sagging look. Another relatively new way is by the injection of Botox directly into your lesser pectoral muscles. Breast lift with the use of Botox can last for about 3 to 4 months.

On the other hand, a lot of women would opt for a breast lift through surgery, but some would want a breast lift without implants. Breast lifts are most often done with implants to give more volume to the breasts. But when a patient requires a breast lift without implants then the doctor would usually just remove excess skin, adjust the position of the nipples and fix the area of the areola (if needed). For women who are content with the size of their breasts, but just needed them to look firmer then a breast lift without implants is a great choice.

Women who love their bodies are usually the ones who exude confidence. In the world we live in today, one needs confidence in order to succeed in life. That’s why a lot of time and effort are being given to make sure one’s appearance is not only acceptable, but actually pleasant as well.

But before you decide to have surgery and risk its adverse effects, perhaps you should take a look at safer methods first. If you can get a breast lift or have bigger boobs without surgery, then that is still the best and safest option for you.

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